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Sword Reflections

Swordsmithing With Peter Johnsson

Travel to Warner New Hampshire for a variety of swordsmithing classes led by master swordsmith Peter Johnsson. Class subjects range from Medieval cruciform swords (e.g. arming sword, bastard sword, longsword), to Celtic swords, the European falchion, Germanic Messer, and into daggers and pure design classes. Offered since 2017, these classes are a working creative retreat for smiths with a professional mindset. 

See our offerings below.

Arming Sword.jpg

Arming Sword

Learn to make a Medieval arming sword. Next offering TBD.

Quillon 1.jpg


Study historical dagger typologies and experiment with blade/hilt shapes and cross sections. Next offering TBD


Design Intensive

Spend five days in a hands-on design seminar. Next offering TBD.

Falchion Class 1.jpg

The Falchion

Build your own European falchion. Next offering TBD.


Messer Madness

Learn to design and build the fearsome Germanic messer. Next offering TBD.

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